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Oct 2, 2012 5:30am EDT
3 ten years ago today... d-c snipers... john allen muhaamad and lee boyd malvo... chose their first victim.the shooting spree would go on to region and killing 10 innocent . years... malvo is now speaking out.megan gilliland is here with mmre on what he would like to say to the familles of his victims. good morning guys,convicted d-c sniper... lee boyd &pmallo... says he's a differen person noww.. not the same teenager whooterrorized our month.heewent on to tell the washington post ttat he's ttrly sorry for the shooting ssree that left 10 people dead. he ays he remembers each f the 13 sniper shootings in would sayydireetly to the replied... forget about me. malvo audio::i'm soory (0:39): i'm sorrr i murdered your only - your wife. what do i tell the child who was waiting for his father to comm home and dad never showed up? malvo... now 27 years old... is serving a life sentence.his partner... muuammad was executed in 2009.malvo has piined muuh of the terror on hii... saying muhammad had there wws one particular inciddnt though where alvo says he defiee muhhmmad.the washington pps
Oct 2, 2012 5:00am EDT
.for three weeks in occober of 2002... john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo terrorized our malvo is speaking ouu.megan - gilliland is here with more on what he s aamitting. admitting.good mooning guys,in a rare and chilling rison interview....conniited d-c sniper... lee boyd malvo is nnw cclling himself a monster... and apologizes for the lives he took. malvo audio: i'm sorry (0:399: i am sorry. ii am sorry. and it soondsa thhre is now way to expreess there is no way tooexpress that. that. malvo and mmhammad ambused 13 uususpecting strangers... killing ten of them. ten years later... malvo spoke to the waahington post... descrrbing ow the two choose their targets. 3malvo auddo: the prrcess (0:29): we'd drive up. i'd park. he'd park. he'd go in the trunk. i'd put my window down halfway and i could see whatever's in front oo me, to my left and to my ffcus is on witnesses, passenggrs and you know. and i told himmto shoot. and it was just one, rapid, after another after another after aaother. if there wasn't an opening within ten minutes, ww . spend the ress of his lif
Sep 27, 2012 5:00am EDT
and the pain it caused.ply lament - employee at the johns hopkinss medical chool of medicine. since her controversialltweet wwet viral... people havv and e-mails calling for her too be on-line expert pays it's anothhr example that shows tteepower anddviral nature of the internet... and the need for what he calls.. social media responsibility. (mr. whhte) "iimaybe, i have a heightened sense of awareness of his thiig, but it does come to me as very nieve forra person to think that whennthey putta pictureeon the internet, when they make a comment on the internet, when they share can be found and it will be sha" we've learned there are t. - several campaigns active on facebooo now tt gettmoody to leaae baltimore. a woman and a 4 year old child the loose this morning.they . 3 were shot nnar gorsuch avenuee police arrived ... the ssssect was gone. while they were trying to find out what happened with the woman, distance away.. the victims injuries are not believed to be life threatening.we have a call out to police for more informaaion and will bring you the latest as soon
Sep 27, 2012 5:30am EDT
to politics.john dedie: 5::2:24 "they're border states. thee have to work ttgetherr but there's the rivaary too." political analysts say it's hard not to notice the grrwing rivalry between o'malley, a democrat - and virginia's republican governor bob mcdonnell.john dedie: 15:22:05 gentlemen see each other as a possible uture rival on the national stage. and i think this is kind of the preeiminary for them."the two lot lltely in he national a sunday talk shows - where they've taken shots at each other... ann tteir respective parties.(cnn - february 2012) create jobs a lot faster, governnr mcdonnell, if your party were not captivv ... you haae taken different two men approaches.... (show ile of hopkins or a lab) o'maaley has biotechnology. policy experts state full of edical researchers. anirban basu: 10:26:31 "at this point, that industry makes all the sense in the world. what is frsuttating about that is that we have not creattd large companies and moreejobs through entreprenuership and innovation."whereas virginna has lured new businesses witt incentives, ower cooporate tax rates -
Oct 1, 2012 5:30am EDT
anniversary of the beginning of the deadly killing spree by malvo and john allen muhammad. muhammad was executed for the crimms in 2009 and malvo is serviig a life sentencc withh no parole in virginia. tww new laws prrtectinggthe victiis of domestic violence take effect today.starting now, residents who are forced to leave their jobs to escape the threat of domestic violence... are eligible for unnmployement..and another report whether aadefendant has an abusive relationshhp with they're requireddto make note of t... on their criminal record. &guns that onne belonged to gangsters bonnie and clyde... hit the auction block.on sunday... a revolver and pistol found on the couple the day police ambushed and killed them in 1934... were sold for a whopping 5-hundred-thousand- dolllrs..he duo was wanted for kidnapping, auto theft, robbery and 13 murders natioowwde. the u-s supreme court begins its new term today.on suuday... members atttnded the &pannual "red mass"... seeeing blessinn for the upcoming term. justices are expected to face a range of expllsive issues over the upcomiig months
Sep 28, 2012 5:00am EDT
mcrrven's interest in joining the military came after seeing hii movie (nats) john wayne's 1998 film green (nats) for years, the militarry has loaned hollywood ships, seals as technical advisors. but in the movie aat of vvlor (nats) the actorr were real the mooie didn't go throogh the standard approval but ssys &pthe bootoo line remained intact. i think the principlee &pamerican can understand thiss and or classified information, tactics, techniques, procedures.but thht new bin laden movie? its already a political hottpotato after emailssemerged showing moviemakers met with ttp the darkkthirty is r - set for release after the preeidential election but it that ollywood and the military may be getting too cozy.barbara starr, nn, the pentagon-----end----- cnn.script----- p t-v star....leaves behind aa death.the shockinn thing anarchy star" johnny lewws did... before taking a fatal fall... ii his attempts to ((break 3)) followw -- six out of ten connumers are &punhappy wwth their financial institutions.but there aae still a few hhdden gems.a new the best banks-- with perks
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6